Landlord could have exposed kids to Asbestos

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Landlord could have exposed kids to Asbestos

A STANMORE landlord has been forced to fork out nearly £7,000 after dumping
asbestos in an alleyway used by residents and children.

The hazardous waste was fly-tipped in the alleyway just 300 yards away from
the property it was removed from by landlord Abdul Hamid Rashid Bowar.

The 50-year-old, of Woodcroft Avenue, pleaded guilty to two offences under
the Environmental Protection Act of failing to ensure the proper disposal of the
asbestos waste and failing to keep records.

He had previously pleaded not guilty and opted for
a jury trail before later changing his plea on September 27.

Harrow Crown Court heard that Mr Bowar arranged for the asbestos sheets to be
removed from his property in Oxleay Road, Rayners Lane, in July, last year, and
dumped nearby at the back of homes in Alexandra Avenue.

A council CCTV camera captured two men dumping the asbestos sheets from a red
van belonging to Bowar and when asked by council officers to explain the images,
he said he did not know the names of the men and that he had expected the waste
to be disposed of properly.

Bowar was fined a total of £2,000 for both offences and also directed to pay
legal and asbestos clearance costs of £4,781.88.

He also had to pay a £15 victim surcharge.

Portfolio holder for environment and community safety, Councillor Phillip
O’Dell said: “The Council works hard to keep Harrow clean and safe, and that
includes taking the strongest possible action against those responsible for

“It is beyond belief that anyone would dump hazardous waste in an alleyway
used by children and residents.

“This was such a dangerous and irresponsible act, regardless of the nuisance
and cost to local taxpayers who ultimately foot the bill for cleaning up

“This prosecution should serve as a severe warning that even if you are not
throwing the waste away yourself, you are responsible for where it goes.”

Harrow Council arranged for the waste, which officers say posed a significant
hazard to residents, to be removed by a licenced asbestos remover and safely
disposed of.

Source: Harrow Observer


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